Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 7: Removing A Mole With Apple Cider Vinegar

On day 7 now and the second day of healing. Just thought I would give a quick update on the process for people following along.

As you can see above the redness has begun to calm down and turn a sort of pink colour, good sign! The crater is almost completely flat now and has just turned into a scab. Will leave it alone to prevent it from scarring permanently.

Comments are welcome below also, I will reply to anybody who has any questions. More picture updates in the next few days.


  1. Hi, I've tried this method and I think I am on the same level as the picture above but mine is raised. Is this normal?

  2. Hi, I've tried this method and I think I am on the same level as the picture above but my crater and indention around it is raised. Is this normal?

  3. Hi there, if I remember right the area surrounding the yellow part in the middle was ever so slightly raised. My advice is just to keep an eye on the area for the next few days. Try not pay too much attention to it as it will drive you crazy.

    I've tried removing a slightly raised mole with just a needle also and it was still raised so I purchased a piece of stone that gets rid of dead skin from your feat and just rubbed that over the top of it for a few minutes. It turned really red but after a couple of days it scabbed up and within a week the scab fell off and it was just a little pink area that was left. It's still healing at the moment, barely noticeable.

    Can I just asked where abouts on your body you have attempted the removal?

  4. its above the upper lip. left side. o you think I was successful? I scabbed on day 2, the scab fell of on day 5 but iat that time I can still feel it being raised. nother layer of scab has formed and when I removed it, it got a little flat but the sides are still raised(the indentions on the side are bigger than the mole). im afraid it will grow back and this time bigger, do you think I was not successful?