Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Tip for Removing Small Moles

Hey everyone!

Just doing a quick update on this blog to inform you of a technique I have figured out to remove tiny moles. By tiny I mean moles that are a mm in size. Just to clarify I have did this to over 6 of these "tiny moles" on my leg and every single one has been successful. It is in fact very easy to do you just need patience to get the results.

Just simply grab get a sharp object, I suggest using a sewing needle as this is what I used. Choose a mole that you want to get rid of then simply scratch at the mole until it bleeds. This may cause you pain, just depending on how tolerant of it you are. For me on a scale of 1 to 10, I would be pushing at it to say the pain was even a 2. Different areas carry different pain results but for the most part it's not too bad!

Anyway after making it bleed simply wash the area with cold water and wipe it with a piece of kitchen roll or something similar. Apply cream such as Sudocrem or Germolene if you wish but I tend to just leave it. After a day or 2 you should notice that they area will have scabbed up. I cannot emphasis this enough that you have to leave this alone and don't pick at it or you will risk scarring yourself. Just leave it alone for about a week or 2 at the most and eventually the scab will fall off. It will probably still look at little red but it will fade in the week or so.

I think the way this works is as the skin is healing it pushes the damaged skin out and merges with the newly formed scab. So when the scab is ready to come off it takes the mole with it. Not so sure but that's my guess anyway.

Hope this will be of some use to you and if you are interested in doing this please make sure the mole you are removing does not look dangerous.